Free Cool Online Tool: Challenger Reading Series

Looking for FREE extension activities to place learners, practice vocabulary and skills, and celebrate successes with the Challenger Adult Reading Series?  New Readers Press offers free online supplements that you used to have to buy in print.

Click here for the Challenger Reading Series free online components.

The online components to Challenger include:

  • Placement tool to figure out where learners should start
  • Puzzle books for every level
  • Word lists for books 6-8
  • Interactive student certificate

Challenger adult reading series is one of the most enduring and user-friendly publications I have encountered in adult education.  Instructors, adult learners, and volunteer tutors all love the high interest reading, targeted exercises, consistent formatting, and wide variety of topics.  Using Challenger, learners can work closely with a tutor, in pairs, small groups, or independently.  The reading levels range from almost non-reader to GED preparation.  New Readers Press recently updated the readings and added more visual content in a second edition.  They also offer Writing for Challenger, which provides additional writing prompts for each Challenger lesson.  I have found few people who have actually read the Teacher’s Manual, but it provides a wealth of activities and strategies that can increase the impact of each lesson for learners while saving instructors time in lesson planning.

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