Adult Literacy Education Wiki

All hail the ALE!!!

Looking for best practices in adult literacy education?  Do you have quality research or reflections to share with your fellow adult literacy practitioners?  Interested in adult literacy education but don’t know where to start?

Participate in the conversation at the Adult Literacy Education (ALE) Wiki.  The wiki was created and continues to be moderated by David Rosen, an independent consultant with Newsome Associates.  Its topics cover various segments and definitions of the field.  Browse by topic or search for the answers to life’s persistent questions.

For example, have you ever wondered what are the different standards for adult basic education in states across the U.S.?

Or maybe you want to take a peek at what ESOL looks like in Scotland (among other ESOL resources)?

Like any wiki, it is a website with content created by its users.  You can register to add content that is relevant for you.

In particular, it could use some images.  The ALE wiki looks a lot like wikipedia with one major difference: where are the photos?  I certainly can’t fault Djrosen, who looks very busy creating all sorts of quality content and keeping spam off the site.  But if this type of challenge is for you, consider contributing to this open source encyclopedia of Adult Literacy Education knowledge.

Calling all visual content developers!  You could start by creating a visual clarifier for workforce development.

Visit the ALE wiki today for lots of other interesting topics, questions, and answers.

Will you join me?

All hail the ALE!!!  (Wiki, that is.)

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