Akron: The Right Size


Visiting Akron this weekend and saw the historic St Thomas Hospital where AA was founded (in its current form).

Drove from one side of the city to the other: hospitals, bank HQs, minor league baseball, cuyahoga valley scenic railroad, university of Akron. The whole place seems more or less…occupied. Coming from Cleveland, which often looks abandoned & desolate, Akron appears like a city that has kept a maintainable, healthy size. Kudos! Very livable.

One response to “Akron: The Right Size”

  1. What timing! Today, Akron’s mayor Don Plusquellic appeared on the Diane Rehm show to discuss the financial strain on cities. Although he stated the City of Akron currently receives 10% less in revenue than before the recession, they are well positioned to be a model of economic growth as the economy continues to recover.

    Read about or listen to the show here:

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