Tutor Tip: Share the Table

“Good food ends with good talk” said Geoffrey Neighor. Get students eating and talking around the holidays with a potluck. These activities can be in preparation or to start group interaction during the party, because most of adult students I know want to feel they are learning every minute!

Math Activity One: Have students & tutors bring in (or find) favorite recipes. Figure out how many servings each recipe makes and then how many people are present. Have students multiply for the proper amount of ingredients (lots of fractions!).
Math Activity Two: Use NutritionData to figure out the calories in each ingredient or food.
Language Activity: Have students write a persuasive essay, poem, or billboard in favor of their favorite food. This can be a conversation for English language learners. They can get into teams, do research, and even present their results at the potluck (if they want to!).

A potluck is also a great time just to introduce students & tutors and get to know each other. Social support is an important part of success!

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