Now Avaialable: Jan 20: A Community-Sourced History from WEbook

Barack Obama Inauguration – Jan 20 Book – 2009 Inauguration – WEbook.  As promised in an earlier post, the Jan 20 is available for a limited time for $9.99 with free shipping.  I contributed “The Obama Brotherhood” on page 35.

“My son learned to clap just in time for the Inauguration. He’s eight months old. Like the other infants in our playgroup, he showed no interest as the parents watched the ceremony. But he looked at me when the adult all cheered after Barack Obama concluded, ‘…so help me God.’ I smiled and clapped. After a pause, a grin spread across his face, displaying his four baby teeth and dimples. He laughed and clapped in return.”  Want to read more?  Buy the book!

WEbook is donating all profits and authors are donating their royalties from the project to 826 National. 826 National is a nonprofit tutoring, writing, and publishing organization with locations in seven cities across the country. Their goal is to assist students ages six to eighteen with their writing skills, and to help teachers get their classes excited about writing.

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