Jan 20 2009: True Stories, Real People, One Day. – WEbook

Great news!  Just got word that my reflection “The Obama Brotherhood” is going to be included in the anthology:

Jan 20 2009: True Stories, Real People, One Day. – WEbook.

I’m really excited about this publication.  To inspire people to write for this “Community-Sourced History,” WEbook sent out commemorative “Jan 20 Correspondent” pads.  I diligently took my notes, and like a resourceful mother, did three things at once: checked out a new day at playgroup, did an observation for my grad school class, and took notes for this piece at the same time.  Glad it paid off!

The best part is that all profits and royalties will go to 826 National.  “826 National is a nonprofit tutoring, writing, and publishing organization with locations in seven cities across the country. Their goal is to assist students ages six to eighteen with their writing skills, and to help teachers get their classes excited about writing.”  A cause I can truly believe in.

I’ll post more details when the book is available for purchase.

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