Celebrating Easter Vigil at Home?

Guest post by Marcia Mattern. Check out her blog “I wonder why.”

Enjoy the Liturgy of Light as a Family

Please enjoy this page of directions.

Pillar candle and icon of the Good Shepherd
Make a model Paschal Candle! View more photos & instructions

Each year in the first session after Easter, we make the Atrium a place extra special for the children. They arrive with the room dark and quiet. This is our remembrance of the Liturgy of Light.

The somber beginning ends with a joyful Alleluia! The children find those Alleluias they have hidden and we celebrate together.

I believe Sofia Cavaletti (co-founder of Catechesis of the Good Shepherd) knew that children often couldn’t stay awake for the Easter Vigil but wanted them to have the beauty and depth of it. So she created a simple procession and liturgy to carry this understanding with the children.

During the COVID crisis, this opportunity of celebrating the mass together and the Liturgy of Light together was taken away from all us. But it was important that we could continue to remember this important part of our faith. I wrote up this easy one page document to share with my parents during lockdown.

The families in my atrium were able to have the memory and experience within their homes. For some families that choose to remain home, they will use it again this year.

I hope it blesses you as you use it with your family!

Alleluia. He is Risen.

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