“BIG”: A Little Book read by a 1st grader!

As a diversion over winter break, I invited my first grader to make some videos with me. Seamus (pronounced Shay-muss) wanted to use the snapchat-style hats, etc. I also wanted to get some video of us reading the little, free Mustard Seed Books together. 

But yesterday evening he steadily ignored my repeated invitations because his new LEGOs were more interesting. And I was not allowed to touch them!

So I left him alone and started working on the video for “BIG,” the second little, free Mustard Seed Book in Level A. I imported all the photos, recorded audio, and was ready to produce when I got distracted by a phone call…
…and while my back was turned, Seamus got on my computer. He changed the book background and re-recorded audio for the whole book! (You can even hear me talking on the phone in the background at one point.) What a fun surprise!

Check it out, but fair warning: you might faint from cuteness overload.

I have been playing with the idea of “Book Making Parties” where groups could make their own little books, either print or video. I have two workshops for teachers scheduled for April, but I wasn’t sure if 1st graders could handle the video-making technology. Seamus proved me wrong!

I’m using Adobe Spark Video, and like the results so far (until I added an intro using Camtasia, which is a little grainy). Check out “Little,” the first Mustard Seed Books video, and tell me what you think.

This is really fun, and easy to do with the kids. If the snow keeps up, I might have a whole set of these done by the time they return to school!

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