International GED? Highlights of the New Test

International (non-U.S.) GED Test Takers now have an option to take the 2014 series version. Previously they were only using the 2002 series. Soon all International Test Takers will have to move to the new, computerized 2014 series test.

Several International test administrators and educators have asked how they can prepare for this shift.

Here’s what I see as the biggest changes:

  • Math is 50% algebra, 50% computation
  • Math has added 3 dimensional geometry
  • Language Arts moves from two tests to one (combining Reading, Language, and Writing), and students have to read two passages and evaluate which has the strongest argument
  • Language Arts is now 75% non-fiction and 25% literature, drama & poetry
  • Science has two written short answer responses: one on using evidence to support a given scientific conclusion, and another to design an experiment to test a given hypothesis.
  • Social Studies has a much stronger focus on civics and government (unfortunately all about the U.S. still… wish it were more world history and civics for the International version)

For more details and instructional strategies, check out my book Teaching Adults: A 2014 GED Test Resource Book from New Readers Press.

GED Testing Service has a page with free videos and resources to prepare teachers for the 2014 test:

KET also has a series of videos that explain each of the 2014 GED exams:

Are you an international GED test taker or administrator? How are you preparing for this shift?

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