What’s FRESH in Cleveland? Green vegetables from community gardens, young artists laying positive rhymes over hip hop beats, and an accomplished mentor to guide them. You don’t even have to be from the Rustbelt to enjoy this locally grown goodness.

At popular request, Glenville resident Dee Jay Doc is expanding his summer FRESH CAMP to a year long program! Because he’s funding it as a Kickstarter campaign, that means YOU can get the creative perks of FOUR FRESH HIP HOP ALBUMS = ONE YEAR OF MENTORING. Exclusive jewelry, albums, matching funds, become a sponsor…individuals and organizations have already pledged.

But they still need YOU!

The campaign has passed 1/3 of its goal, but if they don’t reach 100% in the next few days, Dee Jay Doc and the FRESH CAMP kids don’t get a DIME of what has been pledged. I’ll be honest, I want my albums!!! So find a few pennies in your digital pockets to pledge for some awesome music that supports youth and positive growth in a great Cleveland neighborhood. Be the FRESH you want to see in the world.

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