As Promised: Massive Treasure Trove of Lesson Plans from Wisconsin!

Wisconsin deserves its reputation for incredibly friendly people and delicious fried cheese curds. It also can boast of an awesome annual adult education conference that attracts top national trainers and brings educators together from a wide variety of instructional settings to learn, network and share. I was thrilled by the energy, creativity and just plain fun that filled the conference. We are keeping the dream alive! Sí, se puede!

I promised I would scan & share the lesson plans developed in my sessions, and here they are! They are sooooo 2014:

2 responses to “As Promised: Massive Treasure Trove of Lesson Plans from Wisconsin!”

  1. Catherine Pinchott Avatar
    Catherine Pinchott

    page 13 goes with page 6 of the interdisciplinary lessons. Thank you for posting these. I look forward to using them with my class:) Catherine Pinchott

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