Apologies: Strange Code Fixed

Earlier this week I sent you a link to a guide on developing a library-based adult literacy program. Unfortunately, when I clicked “Publish,” 18,000 additional words of code from my Evernote browser add-on suddenly appeared! And some of that code was very strange, let me tell you. As I manually deleted it from the blog post, I came across phrases like “Don’t let user see error” and “Make sure we’re centered.” It was a funny insight into the code behind the programs that run otherwise imperceptibly in our browsers. Anyway, the blog post has since been updated, but I apologize for the strange email you must have received.

Once again, here is the link to the “Libraries and Literacy” blog I was trying to share: http://www.librariesandliteracy.info/p/starting-library-based-adult-literacy.html Enjoy!

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