Carroll Ballers Tutor Training

Cuyahoga County’s Juvenile Justice Center recently began serving a block of 18-21 year old residents. Because of their age, they are not eligible for the school programming offered to the other juvenile residents.

This problem was turned into an opportunity by two enterprising Juniors at John Carroll University. Michael Gong and Ned Barnes have been leading groups of student volunteers to participate in a program at JJC called Carroll Ballers. The JJC residents (and John Carroll students) build character through group activities, mentoring, and friendly games of basketball. Now in its third year, the program has been a huge hit and has been expanding exponentially. This year, they wanted to add tutoring for GED Test preparation for the newest block of older residents. I have been privileged to be involved in the process of designing this new element of the program and training the first tutors.

Here’s a taste of what we learned together:

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