For AmeriCorps Week: Great Stories from NEO Literacy Corps

NEO Literacy Corps 2012
NEO Literacy Corps September 2012

In Northeast Ohio Literacy Corps, AmeriCorps members are expected to write Great Stories once a month to reflect on their service. Many are posted on the NEO Lit Corps blog, which I could read all day, but I’ve selected two of my favorites from this year to share with you:

Something to Remind Me on the Bad Days

Lydia’s story about a day gone bad, and a mentor’s response: “I thought of little things that have happened throughout my service, and I asked him about the bad days. How does he cope? What keeps him coming back?”

It’s Never Too Late

Annie’s inspiring story of a former student who made a huge change after 25 years behind bars, with help from another NEO Literacy Corps service site!

Do you have a great story from your best or worst day in AmeriCorps?

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