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National Girl Scout Cookie Day is Serious Business!

National Girl Scout Cookie Day is serious business! And serious education! Girls Scout cookies are more than just a cute fundraiser. There’s amazing leadership development happening in this program, with strong pedagogical foundations.

Learn about the 5 skills girls learn by selling cookies. I am living proof: as a Girl Scout for ten years, I sold dozens of boxes of cookies, earned a bunch of merit badges, and eventually my Girl Scout Gold Award (equivalent to the Eagle Scout).

Many years later as a “serious” adult educator starting my own consulting business, I found that a lot of the concepts I encountered from “experts” were things I had learned while having fun as a Girl Scout cookie-seller: business ethics, self-management, project-based learning, service-learning, planning for productivity, and emotional intelligence. So when you buy your Girl Scout cookies, be rest assured that you are making an investment in developing girls’ skills for life.

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  1. I couldn’t agree more. My 12 years as a Girl Scout is a major part of the person I am today.

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