NEO Literacy Corps: Where Are They Now? Part 2

For the last day of AmeriCorps Week, I thought I’d follow-up with a few more of our Northeast Ohio Literacy Corps members from 2010-11 (click here to see previous post).  All three of these members have capitalized on their Eli Segal Education Award to pursue graduate studies while still using their NEO Literacy Corps teaching experience!

Elyse Anderson is in Chicago studying for a Masters of Arts in bilingual-bicultural education at DePaul University and working as a Pre-K Assistant Teacher at Linclon Park Preschool.  She is currently applying for PhD programs and a Fulbright Scholarship, and says she draws on things she learned in AmeriCorps every day.

Matt Kilbane headed to Purdue University, where he is teaching composition to freshmen and a creative writing workshop at a local youth home, all while working on a Masters of Fine Arts in poetry.

Elisa Bredendiek has stayed in Cleveland as part of the Catholic Worker community.  She’s taking four classes at Cleveland State University to become a bilingual teacher.  But she didn’t wait to graduate to start teaching classes in French, Spanish, and German at Menlo Park Academy, plus a Peace Studies class at Lincoln West High School.

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