Get Ready for AmeriCorps Week!

AmeriCorps programs and AmeriCorps Alums chapters across the country are getting ready for AmeriCorps Week on March 10-18, 2012. Here are some fun resources to help you get ready for the celebration:AmeriCorps Works and Gets Things Done

So now that you are wearing your tee shirt and pin, head full of great community engagement ideas, Tweets full of #AmeriCorpsWeek hashtags, one hand full of bookmarks, another holding a big red sign ready to take a photo….now it’s time to GET INSPIRED with some amazing videos:

(“Okay, but Meagen,” you say, “how can I watch a video with my hands full of bookmarks, a sign, a camera, while reading the Impact Guide, and Tweeting at the same time?”  I’m sure you’ll figure out.  Ask a volunteer to help you.  That’s how AmeriCorps Gets Things Done!)

I’m looking forward to facilitating midyear training for an awesome group of AmeriCorps members in Northeast Ohio Literacy Corps March 12-15.  What are your plans for AmeriCorps Week?

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