Top 3 For-Profits of 2011

While my clients are all non-profits, I have had the pleasure of interacting with some fantastic mission-driven for-profit organizations that I want to appreciate:

Bustafeltz Designs

Photographer and graphic designer Audrey Busta-Peck is a true artist who melds a keen eye with incredible technical skill.  She is a responsive, flexible and talented photographer for events, weddings, and portraits.  I also love her logo designs.  You can see a scrolling portfolio at her website or email  Included you might see a logo and photos she donated to the Learning for Life Program at the West Side Catholic Center.

America Learns

In all my work researching, creating, and utilizing a variety of data tracking tools as a consultant, I have not encountered anything quite like the America Learns Network.  Their web-based tool combines easy reporting for tutors, coaches, and mentors with built-in professional development, and at the same price as data tracking tools without the training.  This customizable software-as-service is driven by the accessibility and passion of its founder, Gary Kosman.  To get inspired, watch this two minute video on the About page explaining how he started as a tutor in an afterschool drop-in program.

GED Academy

Because of the proliferation of online GED scams, I am highly skeptical of any organization buying ads for GED preparation.  However, GED Academy is the real deal.  They don’t claim to offer a fake credential.  They develop individual learning plans, use the GED Smart curriculum, offer a legitimate online mentoring program, are accredited by the Better Business Bureau, and prepare adult learners for the official GED test.

I have not given or received any compensation for this or any other endorsement on my website.  I genuinely like these folks and wanted to tell the world.

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