FREE U.S. Civics & Citizenship Toolkit

I thought I’d get patriotic for the Fourth of July (or sixth of July…who’s counting really?).  This free U.S. citizenship toolkit got a great review from the AmeriCorps ESOL & GED tutor at St Colman’s Parish in Cleveland, Ohio. She recommended it to her fellow ESOL tutors and your program might find it useful as well. This kit is only available for non-profit organizations providing services to immigrants, and each agency only receives one kit. Go to this site to register to receive your agency’s toolkit today.  Make sure you keep it in a safe place!

Anyone can also download FREE electronic versions of the toolkit publications from this site: Citizenship Tool Kit

Individuals can also order the whole citizenship toolkit or just parts of it from the U.S. Government bookstore.

The toolkit includes:

  • Poster
  • Pocket size Declaration of Independence & Constitution
  • Welcome to the United States Guide in English & Spanish
  • Civics Flashcards for the naturalization test
  • Multimedia presentation including this video on the naturalization process
  • Videos overview of the naturalization test & interview
  • Quick civics lessons

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