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Free Cool Online Tool: Office Compatibility Pack

Do you ever send or receive a really awesome document to a colleague and get this response:

“I can’t open the attachment.”

ARGH!!! I use Office 2007, and though Microsoft has since moved on with 2010 I work with a lot of non-profits who are using donated, refurbished computers and whatever software they can find. But just because you don’t have cash, doesn’t mean you have to live in the stone age!

Here are a couple FREE downloads & tips to get you through without upgrading Office:

NOTE: These solutions are free & cool, and you’ll find them online, but you will need the authority & technical requirements to download & install them.

Microsoft Office Compatibility Pack1. Having difficulty opening a file with “x” on the end (.docx, .xlx or .pptx)? You should be able to open 2007/2010 docs in Office 2003 if you download & install the following:

Update to Service Pack 3 here.

Next, download & install the compatibility pack.

2. Don’t even have Office 2003?  Check out these FREE options to create word processing, presentation, or spreadsheet documents:

Open Office

Google Docs (No download required! Saves all your files online)

Word Screen Shot3. Save your files in Compatibility mode or as PDFs. Do you have Office 2007 or 2010 and are sick of getting the response “I can’t open your attachment”? When you save & send files, you can:

Save a version in Compatibility Mode: File > Save As > Word 97-2003 Document. (Make sure to also save an original version in 2003 format if you use any of the newer features like SmartArt or References since you can see but not edit them in Compatibility Mode)

“Publish” your document as a PDF: File > Save As > PDF or XPS. If you just want to share and others don’t need to edit, this may be your best option for maximum opens. Having trouble opening a PDF file? Download the FREE Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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