Free Money

Okay, these free cool online tools won’t give you free money, but could help you save some.

For folks with incomes under $58,000, use the IRS free filing system:
File quickly! Tax Day is April 18th this year because the District of Columbia will be celebrated Emancipation Day on April 16th.

Should you rent or own? The New York Time offers an interactive calculator.
To make a comparison, you’ll need to estimate the following numbers: monthly rent, house price, down payment, mortgage interest, property taxes, and whether housing prices in your area are rising or falling. We’ve lived in our home 5 years, and I found out it was cost effective after 3 years…very gratifying!

Need to get motivated to price out your living expenses? Grab some monopoly money:

And for good measure, Pink Floyd’s Money:

(get it? music? good measure?)

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