Give 20 Minutes to Help Redesign Thinkfinity Literacy Network Website

ProLiteracy is in the process of redesigning its Thinkfinity Literacy Network Web site. If you haven’t used Thinkfinity, it is an online collection of free courses and other resources for instructors (teachers or tutors), program staff, and (soon) students). We want to make sure the new site is user friendly and easy to navigate.

The company that will do the design for us would like to do an activity called “card sorting” with individual instructors (tutors or teachers) and program managers or other program staff. The activity is done completely online and takes about 20 minutes. People will be asked to look at the names of specific resources that currently appear on the site and then to identify what category they would expect to find those resources under when they come to the website. This helps us design the navigation system so that it makes sense to users.

On November 19 we will send an e-mail to the people who would like to participate to tell them how to access the online activity. They would need to complete the activity by November 24.

If you have instructors or staff who would be interested in helping us with this exciting project, please send an e-mail to me at before the end of Thursday, November 18.

In your e-mail please include:

1. The e-mail address of the person who will participate
2. the person’s primary role: Instructor or Program staff
3. an indication, if you know it, of how much experience the person has using Thinkfinity Literacy Network:

0 = has never used it
1 = occasional use
2 = frequent use

We will use these e-mail addresses only for this sorting activity. They will not be shared with anyone outside this project.

Thank you so much for any help you can provide. We hope you can help us find 5 people, but even one person would be great. If you have 30 who would love to participate, send them along!

Linda Church
Director of Special Projects

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