Resources for Literacy Data Management

I hope you are enjoying the onset of spring as much as we are in Cleveland! I’ve collected a few resources for literacy data management on Delicious: If you use Delicious for social bookmarking, you can add your own resources using the tag: Data_Management_ProLiteracy Here’s what I have as of today (click the link above to see if there has been anything added):

SOS Literacy Grant
Scroll down to “Adult Volunteer Grantee FY 2010 Report Forms” and find the two “Database Templates.” These are Microsoft Access files developed by volunteer adult literacy programs in Illinois and can be customized for other agencies.

Matrix for Literacy
Used with positive reviews in Wisconsin in both adult education & even start programs. Foundation-Product Donation
501c3 organizations in the U.S.A. are eligible to receive 10 free licenses for their Customer Sales Relationship database + a Non-Profit Starter Pack, and discounts on other products.

LiteracyPro: LACES
Used by individual programs & states to collect NRS specific data. Requires training to use and helps to subscribe to annual tech support.

Google Docs
Create forms that populates a spreadsheet that can be linked to track data. Can also create folders and documents to share with students so they can complete registration forms and/or save a copy of their work. Lots of possibilities here.

America Learns
Gives tutors feedback on instructional challenges or goals while they enter data on students.

Professional Studies AE
3 free, online, self-paced courses on Program Assessment: Data Collection & Management, Data Analysis for Program Decisions-Making, and Communicating Success to Stakeholders.

What are other non-profits and literacy programs using for data management? Please leave a comment and let the world know!

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