New ORC Ambassadors also certified Thinkfinity Field Trainers

New Ohio Resource Center Ambassadors achieve dual status.

Last week was a very productive and exciting three days in Columbus: and two certifications included!  So Meagen Howe, educational consultant from Farrell Ink, join the ranks of both ORC Ambassadors and Thinkfinity Field Trainers. This means greater expertise for your adult basic education program, especially in the area of technology integration.

The Ohio Resource Center and Thinkfinity both provide FREE searchable educational resources. They are a great complement to each other to provide a wide range of excellent educational resources for all types of classrooms.

The ORC peer reviews all resources and only includes best and promising practices. Every resource is connected to the Ohio Academic Content Standards for K-12 (not ABLE or ESOL yet, but they’re working on connecting them to Workforce Standards).  The ORC also spearheads a variety of specialized projects to assist particular content areas or age groups.

Thinkfinity (brought to you by Verizon) does much more than just search for resources. The project has funded a dozen highly qualified partners to develop quality online educational content (think the Smithsonian, National Geographic, and ReadWriteThink). Only a little of it is connected to Academic standards, but there’s something for everyone here. Verizon has a soft spot for adult literacy, and teamed up with ProLiteracy America to provide not only educational content, but also free self-paced trainings for volunteers, instructors, and administrators through the Literacy Network.

On a personal note, the ORC training turned out to be much more than just a certification. The ORC staff, Thinkfinity trainer, and Ambassador participants had an amazing dynamic that made it easily the best training I have ever attended. They set the gold standard for me, especially in the area of planning implementation. Discovering new information is fantastic, but they really supported the time it takes to process and plan for training others in a way I’ve never seen before, but which my customers will soon get to experience in every training I do! Besides that, I met some amazing people who really inspired me…and gave me some great practical tips. Many thanks to the ORC and Thinkfinity for this opportunity.

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