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Materials for praying with children.

An Historic Beginning

Farrell Ink was officially filed as an limited liability corporation with the Ohio Secretary of State on Jennifer Brunner’s most controversial of days: November 4, 2008.  That date will be forever remembered as the day my brother turned 22.  And my son cut his first tooth.  Oh, and I guess something else historic happened, too.  The sky in Ohio was very blue that day.

Thanks to Obama, I was out of work as soon as Farrell Ink become legitimate.  I was creating marketing materials and a website for a fledgling energy consulting business called Energy Eagles started by a recent corporate retiree who wanted to address climate change.  After completing the certification process to become an energy auditor, the certifying company asked him to apply for a vacated position, and he ended up being hired as the VP of software services.  His new job will be putting cutting edge energy efficiency software into the hands of all these new green collar workers that Obama has promised.  What about my job, Obama?

The Universal Trickster had other plans for Farrell Ink (if Jesus was the Word of God, I am God’s punchline).  After a couple unsuccessful writing submissions and losing the Haiku Death Match, I unexpectedly found myself in the middle of a subversive underground education movement.  A non-profit that was tight on funds decided to close most of its GED sites without notice, and I offered to help some volunteers and determined nuns keep the classes going.  In return, I was offered some compensation and luckily I had a business card (and a business) on hand.  Thankfully, they support my value of sharing the wealth, and December 2008 has seen the development of a whole package of forms and trainings to help start a GED class (or continue without much money).  The GED Class Start-Up Kit should be available for download or purchase as soon as I launch the website in January.  Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we came out of this recession with a more educated workforce than we started with?

Farrell Ink is created for the purpose of realizing such crazy dreams, and all for the common good. The official mission is: to use writing, web design, marketing materials, and training to promote ideas and organizations that advance the principles of Catholic Social Teaching. Why? Join us next time to find the answer to life’s persistent questions…

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About US

Mustard Seed Training is a team of faith-based artisans creating materials for praying with children. Our ministry is to share the love of God and neighbor.

Our group was founded in 2018 by CGS catechist and woodworker Meagen Farrell. Meagen is an author, trainer, and PhD student in the fields of adult basic education and educational technology (that’s the “Training” part!).

Thank you for your patience & prayers!

Our goal is to provide you with quality materials and service. Please view our shipping policy and refund policy. We take a scheduled break every year from December 22 (or the last Friday before Christmas) to January 2 (or the first Monday).

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