Free Cool Hybrid Tools for Contextualized Social Studies

Links, slideshow, and instructions for webinar participants to access The Literacy Cooperative's Contextualized Curriculum.

Citizenship in The Nation: Merit Badge University

Many thanks to Lake Erie College and the Lake Erie Council of BSA for hosting Merit Badge University. Here is our slideshow for Scout reference, including links for the activities:

Free Cool Contextualized Tools for NEO Skills Corps

Links, slideshow, and instructions for NEO Skills Corps Members to access The Literacy Cooperative's Contextualized Curriculum.

Now Facilitating Webinars & Workshops: Free Cool Tools for Contextualized (IET) Instruction

Schedule an interactive workshop on incorporating workforce training materials for adult education.

Painting Jesus: A Reflection for Artists and Catechists

In an increasingly diverse American church, how should we use images of Jesus for teaching children? One artisan reflects on her own experience & methods.

Your Quest? Find the BEST Contextualized Tools for Adult Education!

Introduction Congratulations! As a participant in today's training, you have been selected by The Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland to join the Adult Education Resource Evaluation Team (AERET). Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a lesson plan or resource to use from The Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland's Contextualized Curricula.... Continue Reading →

Celebrating Easter Vigil at Home?

Guest post by Marcia Mattern. Check out her blog "I wonder why." Enjoy the Liturgy of Light as a Family Please enjoy this page of directions. Make a model Paschal Candle! View more photos & instructions Each year in the first session after Easter, we make the Atrium a place extra special for the children.... Continue Reading →

What I Teach My Children About Race

By request, here's how I approach the emotionally and politically charged topic of race in a simple and matter-of-fact way with my elementary age kids. Caveat: You do not have to move to adopt this approach. I don't expect all my readers to share my worldview on life. But I will say that these are... Continue Reading →

Pandemic Preparation for First Holy Communion… at Home!

Adapting to change, celebrating the sacrament of initiation, and keeping our eyes on the eternal Light of Christ

Family Bible Study: Week 5

Is your heart ready to receive the Supper of the Lamb? This is the last of a 5-week BIble study for families to prepare at home.

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