Grant Writing

Confession: I love writing grants.

  • Diving into the literature on best practices in education?
  • Explaining statistics on local demographic trends?
  • You had me hooked at “budget development”!
  • Seriously, logic models sound super fun.

I particularly love working with local organizations looking to create new programs or partnerships to expand your services. Let’s find a way to meet unmet needs!

“Meagen takes an idea and makes it a reality.” –Dr. Carmine Stewart, ASPIRE Consulting

From 2008-2014, as Founder of Farrell Ink LLC, I worked in Cleveland, Ohio with adult literacy organizations who were struggling to stay open after the 2008 recession, and then to adjust to changes in the 2014 GED® Test (and the addition of the HiSET exam & TASC test).

During this time, I worked with teams to bring $1.2 million to Northeast Ohio for adult literacy, with a 80% success rate for Grant’s submitted. This enabled us to launch several programs including:

  • Founding Steering Committee Member for Literacy Learning Network, a networking group for literacy programs sponsored by The Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland.
  • Founding Program Director for the Learning for Life Scholarship Program, responsible for distributing training, materials, and scholarships to six faith-based organizations providing volunteer-based adult literacy programs.
17 AmeriCorps members on a staircase with trainers
NEO Literacy Corps 2012

In that time, I am most proud of NEO Literacy Corps (now NEO Skills Corps). As an AmeriCorps alum myself, I saw the Serve America Act in 2009 as an opportunity to expand literacy services in our region by creating an AmeriCorps program. The Literacy Cooperative agreed to become the fiscal agent and sponsor my grant writing time. We successfully recruited community partners, trained members, and even figured out convoluted federal budget formulas!

“Meagen is dependable, consistently exceeds our expectations, and is an overall pleasure to work with.” –Andrea Sprockett, NEO Literacy Corps Program Director 2010-2013

When you contract with me to write grants, our relationship will typically look like this:

  1. Initial meeting: We get to know each other.
  2. Shadowing: I learn more about the day-to-day details of your work.
  3. Grant research: I help you find and evaluate potential funding sources, their requirements, and your capacity to implement their vision. This usually includes avoiding duplication of services and recruiting partner organizations.
  4. Narrative writing & budget development: Once you determine a fit, I help you tell your story in words and numbers.
    1. Note: This requires some flexibility on your part, because state and federal grants usually want evidence of best practices… and the research or data usually suggest changing elements of your program design.
  5. Optional Training & Implementation: As a national teacher trainer, I can provide staff or volunteer training to launch your new initiative once you find funding.
Meagen Thinking
Thinking about a customer question

Never contracted with a grant writer before? No problem! Here’s how it works:

  • you set the budget for my time,
  • we outline what I can accomplish, and
  • I’ll put in the effort with your oversight.

Grant writing is not sales! I will never take a portion of your grant funds as commission. And you have ultimate ownership of anything I create for you.

My goals are:

  1. To see your organization succeed,
  2. To provide timely and excellent work, and
  3. Develop our community together!

Interested? Call Meagen at 216.973.4977 or fill out the following form:

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