Make America Laugh Again

For weeks now, I have been sporadically editing my promised next post in the series on being a white woman in the African-American Hough neighborhood. My next topic was intended to address how living in white, small town Jefferson is similar to living in black, inner city Cleveland. After all, everybody's excited about the WINdians... Continue Reading →

International GED? Highlights of the New Test

International (non-U.S.) GED Test Takers now have an option to take the 2014 series version. Previously they were only using the 2002 series. Soon all International Test Takers will have to move to the new, computerized 2014 series test. Several International test administrators and educators have asked how they can prepare for this shift. Here's... Continue Reading →

How Inner City Hough is Like Small Town Jefferson

Two years ago, we moved to my husband's small town for two reasons: 1. As a family practice doctor, rural access to health care is a much more dire need than urban access. 2. His parents live here. Unfortunately, thanks to the "city vs country mouse" trope, there’s a strong perception that people in small... Continue Reading →

“A Place Worth Living”: Defending a Stigmatized Neighborhood

How do we overcome stigma and make places worth living?

Crossing Racial Lines in Cleveland, or, S#!& Black People Say to White People Living in Hough

How do black neighbors react to a white person moving in to Hough?

How Did We Get Here? A History of Hough

Learning the history of Hough helped me appreciate how much the community has changed. It also taught me: never be a slumlord.

What is it like to be a white woman in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland?

Being a white woman in the Hough neighborhood of Cleveland.

Coming Soon: Hough Series Revisited

It's big news that the Republican National Convention will be in Cleveland, Ohio starting July 17, 2016. Oddly, this also coincides with the 50th anniversary of the Hough riots. The Plain Dealer is planning a retrospective on the history and impact of those events. I was interviewed due to my series of blog posts on... Continue Reading →

Your Students Can Pass Writing on the GED(r) Test!

Think the GED Test is all fun and games? I do! Today's workshop aims to engage you for a deep dive into real prompts and samples for the GED Reasoning through Language Arts (RLA) Extended Response (ER) and Science Short Answer. Along the way, we'll demonstrate and discuss instructional strategies to help your students pass these writing... Continue Reading →

Conference Season Approacheth!

Well, folks, I look forward to seeing many of you in person over the next few months. I finalized five events this Spring. Will you join me at any of them? April 11-13 COABE/TALAE Annual Conference This is the biggest national adult basic education conference every year. I'm presenting back-to-back during the afternoon of Tuesday,... Continue Reading →

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