Recordings Now Available for DC’s Mini-PD Institute on Contextualizing Learning

Sharing this announcement from the wonderful team at DC OSSE AFE/UDC:

“We are so pleased to share the video recordings and handouts from the excellent Fall 2021 Mini-Professional Development Institute: Accessible Online Tools for Contextualizing Learning for Older Youth & Adults that OSSE Adult and Family Education (AFE) offered in collaboration with the University of the District of Columbia (UDC) for adult education providers, training providers, partner agencies and other stakeholders from Sept. 27, 2021 through Sept. 30, 2021. 

Please visit the OSSE website at, or simply click on the links below, to access the webinar recordings and handouts from each of the industry-focused sessions!


 Accessible Online Tools for Contextualizing Learning for Older Youth & Adults 

How can adult educators and vocational instructors contextualize their online academic instructional programs and occupational skills training to help District residents achieve their workforce goals? During this mini-professional development institute, participants explored answers to these questions for various industries.  Each webinar introduced and highlighted free online resources and a template that can be used to develop contextualized lesson plans that integrate adult literacy, workforce preparation and workforce training aligned to one of seven of the District’s high demand industries and specific industry certifications.  

     Accessible Online Tools for Contextualizing Learning by Industry Focus:

​For your convenience, “Contextualized Lesson Plans:  Accessible Online Tools for Contextualized Learning,” which can be accessed by clicking on the “Handouts” link, aggregates all of the lesson plans and resources for the seven industries in one handy document.  Each webinar recording, along with the PowerPoint presentation for the respective session, can be accessed by clicking on the “Webinar Recording” link.  

We hope that you will make the most of these outstanding resources to contextualize learning for District residents!” 

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