Your Quest? Find the BEST Contextualized Tools for Adult Education!


Congratulations! As a participant in today’s training, you have been selected by The Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland to join the Adult Education Resource Evaluation Team (AERET).

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find a lesson plan or resource to use from The Literacy Cooperative of Greater Cleveland’s Contextualized Curricula.

As you are well aware, adult literacy programs are constantly trying to balance instructional needs and finances. Budgets are tight, and instructional materials are increasingly expensive.

The main question your team needs to answer:

How will you use this Contextualized Curriculum or other industry resources in an adult literacy program?

You can benefit our adult education community by developing recommendations for which free resources are best suited for different settings.

Thank you for your commitment to serving the field of adult education!

Task and Process

Your team’s goal is to develop recommendations on workforce resources to use in adult education programs. Your breakout group will choose a specific Contextualized Curriculum lesson plan or resource that is useful for a specific local adult education program.

3 MINUTES: Please introduce yourself and describe your context. Give everyone a chance to speak.

As a team, select:

  1. ONE person’s setting as your example. Work together to recommend how to implement a contextualized lesson plan or resource.
  2. One person to be NOTETAKER.
  3. One person to REPORT BACK to the large group.

10 MINUTES: Exploration and evaluation of selected resources.

You selected your break out room based on the Contextualized Curriculum’s industry:

  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Digital Literacy/IT
  • Hospitality
  • Healthcare

As a team, select a lesson plan, and look at the resources within the lesson plan. Which resource(s) is/are most useful for the adult literacy program you chose?

IMPORTANT: You can choose any lesson plan or resource that you want to explore! However, I have provided a list of example lessons for each curriculum:


If you run out of time, here are some additional questions to consider in your exploration:

  • What is the cost-benefit of using free resources? What are the “hidden costs”?
  • What is the range of technology available in adult education programs?
  • At what point is it cost effective to invest in a paid program?
  • How user-friendly are the resources? In other words, how easily can students and teachers learn to use them?
  • What changes need to be made when introducing this new resource into the classroom?

2 MINUTES: Discussion of findings within group. Create talking points for each resource: pros and cons, tips and concerns, etc.

Presentation and Conclusion


Thank you for taking time out of your busy week to participate in AERET as a service to the field of adult education.

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