The End of Affiliates

Today, I officially closed my Affiliate accounts. You might notice the “Affiliate Disclaimers” have been removed from my site. While the recommendation links are still in place, I’m no longer signed up to receive any advertising funds.


When I started Farrell Ink and was blogging more, it made sense for me to make a few cents back when I recommended that someone buy a Casio fx-260 calculator from Amazon.

I only recommended products that would help folks study for their GED (or later TASC or HiSET) exams. While I never made a living off blogging, the Affiliate fees helped me at least pay the annual costs of hosting the site and domain name. A fair deal!

As I started Mustard Seed Training, I thought Affiliate marketing might be an even more integral part of the service I wanted to provide.

My goal with MST is to help folks be able to work with their hands, become co-creators with God, and make meaningful materials to pray with children.

Beyond Amazon, I signed up for additional affiliate accounts through Share-a-sale that would allow me to recommend products I really enjoy.

In the end, while I’m happy to share information to help others in our shared ministry, I decided that I don’t want to do it with a string attached. Also, it makes the blogging process more time consuming.

I’m doing less writing and more linking.

I will say that the benefit of having tried Affiliate Marketing is that it has improved my content creation. I have become more visual and less verbose.

To use a CGS word, I became more “essential.”

I started asking myself: what is the minimum this person needs to know or see to be able to take action?

Often, it was as little as one photo.

“How can I get out of the way as quickly as possible?”

That is the type of teacher I aspire to become: one who empowers others to act.

Now that folks are actually buying materials that I make (woohoo!), I need even more time in the workshop and less time at the computer. When I’m writing, it’s to respond to requests and meet deadlines.

That’s a wonderful place to be!

So if you’ll excuse me, I have some orders to ship. Thanks for helping me get to this point!

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