Free Online Reading Practice for GED® Test Preparation

Reading PracticeMcGraw Hill's GED Reading

Practice reading #1 (ProLiteracy EdNet)

Practice reading #2 (TV411)

Practice reading #3 (McGraw Hill Online Learning Center)

Practice reading #4 (GCF Learn Free)

Practice reading #5 (PBS Literacy Link)

Practice reading #6 (GED for free)

Practice reading #7 (

Just Vocabulary Practice

Vocabulary practice # 1 (ProLiteracy EdNet)

Vocabulary practice #2 videos & web lessons (TV411)

Vocabulary practice #3 puzzles & word lists (New Readers Press)

English for Speakers of Other Languages

Learn English #1 (USA Learns)

Aprendiendo inglés #2 por adultos hispanohablantes (PUMAROSA)

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